So what is the ThetaHealing® technique all about?

Theta-Healing® is an energy healing modality which allows one to identify and transform blocks, trauma, and negative beliefs into empowering ones through a meditation technique.

The ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health. The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is. It is a focused prayer to the Creator and allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It teaches how to put to use one’s own natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” We believe by focused prayer utilizing a “Theta” and “delta” brainwave (incorporating physics and quantum physics), you can actually witness the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing. We have learned that through the ThetaHealing Technique intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing.


It’s all part of the subconscious and conscious mind working together, for the better.

Our mind is comprised of two distinct parts and resembles an iceberg. That of conscious mind, the part that’s visible and that which is hidden, the subconscious mind. Scientific study has shown us that around 90% of the activity of our brain plays at this subconscious level, while a mere 10% is held at the conscious level.  The important factor here is that our conscious mind is our objective or thinking mind. It’s the conscious mind that manifests awareness in the moment. However, the subconscious mind is where our life experiences are stored – from our beliefs to our memories, our innate skills to all the situations and circumstances we’ve fought or faced in life. Can you see where I’m going here?

What this means is that 90% of our beliefs are found in our subconscious mind, yet we are simply all too often unaware of them. They are capable of controlling our body and our mind and with this, our entire lives.

This is precisely the reason why all too often our innate desires simply do not align with our inner feelings.

A great example can be expressed in the idea of calling in a soul mate. If subconsciously one holds a fear and belief that love is pain as a result of having been beaten by parents, opening their heart to someone becomes difficult. I have clients where past experiences surface pain and suffering in them. As a result they have struggled to manifest anything but pain and suffering in their relationships, until now. The same can be found in the individual who believes that money is the root of all evil and that those with it are a source of evil. Call in their own wealth is highly unlikely and yet we continue to question why some things never change.

You might say “I believe this, I want that and I am worthy of having that”. But if you really want to know what beliefs about yourself and life you are running and how they are holding you back, take a look at your life: your health, your family, your friends, your bank account.



Our core beliefs are traditionally found in what we’re taught and accept from the moment we are born, right through to today. They rest in the frontal lobe of our brain.


At this level, programmes are carried from our ancestors as far as seven generations back. These are held in the pineal gland.


These are memories from past lives or deep genetic memories (as far back as eight generations and further) They also include collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present in our auric field.


The soul level is all that we are. It’s the spirit that lives inside of you, inside of me, inside of every human being. The soul itself also houses its own belief system around self-worth, identity and our connection to the divine.

Why Theta Healing Works

I find Theta Healing the most comprehensive approach to healing because it works on so many levels. It works through emotional issues, physical issues, spiritual connection. It can alleviate stresses in our life, release fears and phobias, clear blocks around money, heal emotional issues, repel physical issues and remove blocks to diseases and conditions. It can even be used as a transformative tool to understand what attracted a disease in the first place.

Uniting Past and Present to Your Future

Your present reality is the result of your thoughts in the past. Therefore, your future depends on the decisions you make now. So, if you really want to transform your life, it’s vital that you make this choice now.

I am happy to offer a 15 min discovery session or a full session here.


From a physics perspective, our brain works in five frequency states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, & Gamma.


The Beta wave has a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. We are typically in this frequency when we’re wide-awake. This is generally the state we live in day-to-day, from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep.


In a Alpha state, your brain waves move at a frequency between 7-14 cycles per second. The frequency of Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation and meditation.


Theta waves are associated with a state of deep relaxation. The brain waves are slowed down to a frequency between 4-7 cycles per second. We normally experience theta when we are falling asleep or waking up and between active alertness and deep dreaming. This frequency is associated with deep meditation and deep states of peace, calm and healing. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep or extreme relaxation, lucid dream and out-of-body experiences can also occur in this state. It is often associated with the higher mind functions (clairvoyance, audience and sentience).

In Theta we can access our subconscious mind where our experiences, long term memories, creativity, emotions, spiritual connection and inspiration are stored. That’s why it is used for hypnosis, accelerated learning and the use of mental programming such as recorded positive affirmations.

Theta meditation opens the doors to self-healing, increases creativity, reduces stress and awakens intuition as well as other extra-sensory perception skills. Theta consciousness allows us to connect with our creative inspirations and underlying spiritual guidance.


In Delta brain waves are slowed down to a frequency that varies between 0-4 cycles per second.

This frequency is associated with deep dreamless sleep, where we are physically unaware and where unconsciousness occurs. 75% to 80% of sleep occurs in this brain wave frequency.


Gamma waves appear to be involved in higher brain activity, which are included in states of alert perception and consciousness.

The Gamma state of mind is the state we are in when we learn and process information. Gamma waves stimulate the release of Beta endorphins. Here your brain waves cycle at around 40 cycles a second.

My clients are using Theta Healing to heal many areas of their lives, including:

  • Finding clarity in life.
  • Life purpose.
  • The release of emotional difficulties, grief, stresses, and anxiety.
  • Clearing fears and phobias.
  • Clearing challenges in life.
  • Healing trauma and abuse.
  • Resolving relationship issues.
  • Manifesting desired relationships both personal and professional.
  • Growing spiritually and develop intuition.
  • Improving physical health.