Like so many people in my world, this year may have been a mess for you.
And it may have felt like that deeply desired peace, soul alignment, and thriving is on the other side of the Chinese wall and you can’t climb it anymore.

And you are probably wondering how I am going to get to the other side of the wall in 2024, not only without repeating my falls but actually 10x more empowered, strong and successful.

Guess what?

You don’t have to climb that bloody wall sweating and panting anymore.

What if that wall existed only in your mind? What if it could be eliminated in an instant?

What if you could take a quantum leap in love, wealth, business and health feeling light as a feather being held by the loving force of the whole creation?

You know it’s possible and you have been feeling it.

Here’s What’s Needed For That To Happen This:

  • Radical responsibility for your life – everything that has happened so far is your creation/you have allowed it to happen
  • The unlocking of a new level that’s preparing to emerge:
  1.  A new level of connection
  2.  A new level of leadership
  3.  A new level of creativity
  4.  A new level of success
  5.  A new level of love



A 4-day experience in a private Facebook group with lives, masterclasses and creative work.

3 live Zoom masterclasses with energetic and subconscious recalibration, healing and manifestation.

Community support and the powerful vortex of leaders like you.



  • Day 1 PREPARATION. ACTIVATING THE COURAGE TO WANT AND CREATING YOUR VISION FOR 2024.Like most people I work with, your family, genetic and social conditioning has made you do what you are supposed to do and forgotten what it is like to be you and have your needs met. So you may have even shut down your desires. We are going to activate the ability for you to dream big and set goals with soul so that you can really unlock your full potential in 2024.
  • Day 2 Masterclass 1 LETTING GO

To create the new you need to clear your space from any of the lingering ideas that are no longer relevant, emotions and people that have been shrinking your energy rather than expanding it. Clearing any cords, any leakages so that you have a clearer energy field and more light to make the personal shifts you want and serve your purpose.

This masterclass is designed for you to go into a deep healing space to release what’s blocking you from “I can do it all” feeling so that you are ready to be the Creatrix of your life.

  • Day 3 Masterclass 2 THE FEMININE LEADER

Designed for you to unlock a new level of leadership by balancing the feminine flow and creativity with masculine structure and action-taking so that you have a solid foundation to progress with your goals.

  • Day 4 Masterclass 3 MANIFESTING 2024

Key secrets to manifesting from the feminine flow and masculine structure.
Quantum jumping technique
Manifesting for the next 12 months ahead – the most efficient way to create your best 2024!

Designed for you to powerfully map out and activate your 2024 so that the right flow brings you new possibilities, opportunities and synchronicities to expand and uplevel your life and business.

At our masterclasses you will experience deep subconscious reprogramming and energy recalibration, followed by a deeply nourishing, rejuvenating sound healing that will enhance the powerful shifts on all the levels – mind, body and soul, receive more insights and activations specifically for you and accelerate the results you desire.


    •  As some of the participants in other masterclasses shared, you may wake up smiling for no reason and feel happy enjoying your normal routine with new flavours of pleasure and joy, or dancing around your lounge.
    • You can get a return on your investment even before the programme starts and multiply it immediately after.
    • You will feel aligned with your body and soul, feeling the greater embodiment of your Higher Self, so that the new 2024 year will carry you to the highest timeline of your life.
    • You will have greater clarity and sense of direction in life in alignment with your Divine Timing.
    • You will have a delicious balance of feminine softness and masculine firmness within you and channel the power of your spirit.
    • A deep sense of peace, stability and stillness in your body that will allow you to hold yourself, your life and your business in a much more powerful way, making things happen and attracting more opportunities that will help quantum leap in love, wealth and business.
    • More ease, more flow and creativity will lead to greater productivity and therefore greater financial reward.
    • People will automatically be drawn to your magnetic energy which can manifest as new collaboration opportunities, an influx of clients, promotions at work and much more.
    • You will open yourself up to receive more love
    • Program yourself to manifest your goals for 2024 with ease and flow and make them happen.


Marina has this beautiful nature and gentle, yet profound ability. She really gets to the heart of the matter and draws it out with real skill. The shifts are hugely powerful, hugely powerful!

Things start to shift already before the session - one client coming back and two new ones.
The two-hour ALIGHED activation opened up new opportunities for me - business is picking up, and new opportunities in collaborations for retreats, and high-end customers.


Dear Marinochka, thank you so much for the training! can you imagine? I just landed :)))) it was like a rocket flying, there were strong pulsations in the solar plexus, it was a masterpiece!!!!! Thank you, Sun ☀️🙏😘💖

Something opened up in me, I sat down to paint, something I have dreamed of doing since childhood and always put it off. Even my husband noticed the changes and bought me oil paints. My energy is like a fountain.

Marinochka, I would sit with you and not come out at all :)! Every time I do something with you it is very powerful! So amazing and high!


I was able to connect with my soul purpose and understand what I am here to do and what my next steps are. It was such an empowering moment!
I awakened my creativity and that gives me so much joy. I awakened my intuition and learnt how to use it to make the right decisions for me.
Now I stay true to my core values and can be firmer in my decisions. I will speak up, even if my voice is the only one in the crowd. Also, I started dating after having let go of my resentment to my ex-husband and I finally feel confident!


I moved to a big city where I got great opportunities in my activities and development. I created a harmonious relationship. My life got better and entered a completely different quality! Finances are also improving. Much to the doctor's surprise, the situation with the thyroid gland has improved: the node has decreased in size and no longer poses a threat.It’s a completely different quality of life. These courses have exceeded all my expectations. Here is a quantum leap! My wings are not crumpled anymore. Now I can do anything! Now I understand that I can do anything. My wings are not clipped anymore.


Marina ignited life within me!

At work, everyone is telling me I am radiant and magnetic! I became more confident. I stopped freezing up in the presence of superiors and straightened out because less judgemental.

I forgave myself and my dear ones, and not only that, but I have more energy. More importantly, my relationships with my daughter and my mom got much better. After working on my relationship with my daughter, her infertility diagnosis was called off. I am very grateful to Marina for the new me!


One of the most important experiences in my life…

I have never met someone who would do the work they are meant to do as Marina does! She manages to create such a comfortable and deep atmosphere in her courses; she simply transforms you, removing all the layers of negative beliefs, old stories and traumas without you even noticing it as it happens in such a conformable and gentle way! Moreover, I have found an excellent tool for working with people. It’s been three months since our courses, and I have already received great testimonials from my clients. Thank you so much, Marina!


Wow, so all this was possible? All this is so simple and that cool?

I am so grateful for the knowledge I received and its incredible depth from the bottom of my heart! For the patience and beautiful, inspiring feminine energy! There is so much care and love in it. Marina creates an amazing atmosphere for the best learning experience. I’m so proud to have Marina as my teacher and guide. I recommend everyone take courses because I don’t know any other practice that allows working on such a deep level as Theta Healing. I am a person who does a lot of spiritual and self-development work, and this is different and new to me. I took Basic DNA and Advanced DNA courses; they are super profound and in-depth courses.”


I don’t even know how I survived without this knowledge up until now! I’m eternally thankful to the girls, to wonderful Marina, the universe and Creator. Three days into it I am feeling renewed. Such a huge transformation!


Wow, this course has split my life into “BEFORE” and “AFTER”!
So grateful for this experience. It is so efficient. ThetaHealing is a gentle therapy for the soul and subconscious mind.


I came or rather crawled to Marina's class when I realised that other techniques could not help me. In six months, I have healed my childhood traumas; I don’t know any other technique where you can so easily recall repressed, forgotten childhood memories.

I began to manifest myself in the outside world more freely and courageous. Worked out my relations with a close friend.

I found my power healing my shadow manifestations. I took responsibility for my life and got rid of the victim mentality. I feel light and happy every day, and even facing difficulties, I am sure that I will cope with them easily and with love.

I feel connected to the Creator and my authentic self. I have come to a deeper understanding of myself when I get answers not from my mind but my true desires and purpose.

I trust myself, and I trust the world. Therefore I became more relaxed. Theta Healing is a daily first aid at arm's length, where I can immerse in the source of unconditional love. It is easy and accessible to everyone.

Now I understand that everything in life can happen gently and through love. Those changes are possible not only after a few years of psychotherapy. If you're ready for a change, it can happen instantly.

Meeting Marina is a real gift; she has immediately gained my trust. Marina is such an acceptance and love. She gives tranquillity and confidence to learn and practice. She readily helps and answers any questions.


Rapid upgrade of my life within three months vs 4,5 years of suffering! I got my life under control. I manifested the apartment of my dreams, a job, sales, support, and many other aspects. I healed my relationships with my family. I awakened my intuition and confidence, restored my health, and live my way, shaping my future



€ 99


  • Powerful masterclasses 1,5 -2 h long for you to keep your energy high throughout the whole year.
  • You will receive a recording of healing that will allow you re-listen to the clearing as many times as you wish, and go even deeper with your transformation & results.

  • This is a proven system to quickly get out into an expansive empowered place to manifest your goals. Anytime you get into a sticky place, just listen  to the clearing, get your energy recalibrated, and it’ll get you back in attracting energy.