Expand your skills and dive deeper into embracing your power

In this 3 day course, you will discover more advanced and faster techniques to incorporate in your healings. You will dive even deeper into Theta brain wave frequency, let go of resentments, rejections, and regrets about your life. This course will bring you more clarity and awareness and move you to a whole new level of emotional, mental, and physical well-being and spiritual awakening.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA Theta Healing®.
Includes: manual Theta Healing® Advance DNA by Vianna Stibal
Certification: You will be certified as Theta Healing® DNA Advanced practitioner, which will allow you to use your skills for your own transformation and work with clients as well.

ONLINE 14-16th April, 2023

Time: 7 am EST/1 pm CET – 3 pm EST/ 1 pm CET

Investment: € 400


Uplevel your life!

You will be able to release multiple blocks to connect to the Energy of All That Is, which might be preventing you from being healed or being able to do the healings for others.

You will achieve a profound understanding of The Seven Planes of Existence, that surround us.

You will learn how to let go of old resentments, fears, vows and obligations. You will learn new healing techniques such as “Healing the baby in the womb” and “Healing the Broken Soul”. You will receive downloads of feelings that will bring you profound healing and awareness.


  • How to connect with the 7th plane of existence and ground yourself.
  • Advanced creation of feelings (Feeling Work)
  • Advanced digging for beliefs and fears
  • Mastering in intuitive reading
  • Hundreds of empowering and life-enriching downloads
  • How to live without destructive feelings
  • Releasing and resolving rejections, resentments and regrets
  • An in-depth explanation of the 7 Planes of existence and healing with the Planes
  • Releasing negative vow’s, oath’s and commitments within the 7 planes of existence
  • Connecting with Plants and Crystals through the 7th Plane
  • Releasing Free-floating Memories (Memories held in the subconscious mind that were received whilst in a state of shock, unconsciousness or under anaesthesia)
  • Healing the baby in the womb to heal the trauma received in the womb
  • Healing the Broken Heart – Theta Healing combined with Sound Healing
  • Healing the Broken Soul & returning Soul fragments
  • Mediumship – Ancestral Readings
  • Clearing and belief work on Non-Organic Material – Homes, Furniture, Businesses, Land
  • Communicating with your Higher Self for guidance
  • Bending time to do more in less time
  • Remembering your future, and how to change it
  • Divine timing

This course is 75% practical experience

Student’s Love

Marina ignited life within me!

At work everyone is telling me, I am radiant and magnetic! I became more confident. I stopped freezing up in the presence of superiors, straightened out, because less judgemental.

I forgave myself and my dear ones and not only that, but I have more energy. More importantly, my relationships with my daughter and my mom got much better. After working on my relationships with my daughter her infertility diagnosis was called off. I am very grateful to Marina for the new me!


One of the most important experiences in my life…

I have never met someone who would do the work they are meant to do as Marina does it! She manages to create such a comfortable and deep atmosphere in her courses, she simply transforms you, removing all the layers of negative beliefs, old stories and traumas without you even noticing it as it happens in such a conformable and gentle way! Moreover, I have found a wonderful tool for working with people. It’s been 3 months since our courses and I have already received great testimonials from my clients. Thank you so much, Marina!

KRISTINA DZHITOEVAHead of Administration Department

Wow, so all this was possible? All this is so simple and that cool?

I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge I received and its incredible depth! For the patience and beautiful inspiring feminine energy! There is so much care and love in it. Marina creates an amazing atmosphere for the best learning experience. I’m so proud to have Marina as my teacher and guide. I heartily recommend everyone to take courses, because I don’t know any other practice that allows to work on such a deep level as Theta Healing. I am a person who does a lot of spiritual and self-development work and this is absolutely different and new to me. I took Basic DNA and Advanced DNA course, both of them are super profound and deep courses.”

ALENA SKRIPNIKHealer and Coach

I don’t even know how I survived without this knowledge up until now! I’m eternally thankful to the girls, to wonderful Marina, the universe and the Creator. Three days into it I am feeling renewed. Such a huge transformation!


Wow, this course has split my life into “BEFORE” and “AFTER”!
So grateful for this experience. It is so efficient. ThetaHealing is a gentle therapy for the soul and subconscious mind.


Now I am connected to my soul purpose and I am working on launching my soul-aligned business!

Marina's courses and Theta Healing sessions helped me a lot during this difficult period! Every time our sessions were so powerful!

I had more energy released; personal situations resolved on their own.

You do not need to visit psychologists for years; in one or two sessions you can solve seemingly intractable problems!

I decided to learn this technique from Marina, she is a great teacher and mentor, a true Artist!!!

Gently, with love, she teaches Theta Healing, this is an amazing practice that instantly works wonders!

I am sincerely grateful to Marina for her gift, talent, kindness, love, and for the fact that we met on this planet at this time!!! Thank you, a million times over!

ANNA ALEXEEVACreative Entrepreneur

I came or rather crawled to her class when realised that other techniques could not help me. In six months, I have healed my childhood traumas, I don’t know any other technique where you can so easily recall repressed, forgotten childhood memories.

I began to manifest myself in the outside world more freely and courageous. Worked out my relations with a close friend.

I found my power healing my shadow manifestations. I took responsibility for my life and got rid of the victim mentality. I feel light and happy every day, and even facing difficulties, I am sure that I will cope with them easily and with love.

I feel connected to the Creator and my real self, I have come to a deeper understanding of myself, when I get answers not out of my mind, but from my true desires and my purpose.

I trust myself and I trust the world, therefore I became more relaxed. Theta Healing is a daily first aid at arm's length, where I can immerse in the source of unconditional love. In fact, it is easy and accessible to everyone.

Now I understand that everything in life can happen gently and through love and that changes are possible not only after years of psychotherapy. If you're ready for a change, it can happen instantly.

Meeting Marina is a real gift, she has immediately gained my trust. Marina is such an acceptance and love, she gives tranquillity and confidence to learn and practice. She readily helps and answers any questions.



€ 500

  • Theta Healing® Advanced DNA Course via Zoom
  • Theta Healing Book is not included. You can purchase this separately
  • BONUS: Uplevel Your Intuition checklist € 47