Exclusive 3 Month One-To-One Mentoring, Intuitive Healing & Coaching Programme

Sacred Health™

Designed to help you reclaim your vibrant well-being for mind, body & soul. My work and experience vary from completely healing depression, anxiety, addictions, and fertility issues to healing conditions that can potentially be fatal using my sacred health strategies.

Is this You?

Busy is practically your middle name. You’ve got a business to run, events to plan, and a family to take care of. But that doesn’t mean your health can’t be your priority. It just has to be effective.

A simple strategy for achieving lasting health that is going to bring you back to being yourself, rather than keeping you busy with more tasks.

My own Health Story

I used to spend a fortune on body treatments, massages, and acupuncture, but I still su ered insomnia, anxiety, digestive and hormonal problems and severe allergies. Now, I feel more vital than I did 10 years ago. All these problems are gone. But I still opt to support my body with outsourced holistic treatments from time to time and it enhances my wellbeing.

What has changed?

I have learnt how to look inward and clear the core emotional, mental or spiritual aspects so that there is only fertile ground for lasting authentic health.

It hasn’t always been this way though

When I was a financial auditor, I struggled to maintain my health. I had to deal with endless stress, deadlines and overtime in a job that felt suffocating to my soul. I had a team of multiple therapists to keep me afloat. They would breathe life back into me. However, no matter how fabulous, energised and inspired I felt in a matter of days or hours, I would return to feeling empty, half-alive and experiencing the same health challenges. I’d spend a fortune on the best supplements out there, but the effect wasn’t lasting, or not lasting at all…

Until I took responsibility and accountability to choose to upgrade the limiting and sabotaging stories that were lodged deep in my subconscious mind.

I chose to live the life that felt mine rather than what family and societal conditioning had taught me. I chose a deep loving connection with myself, rather than serving the needs of others. I understood that disease is not about your body failing you or something that is happening to you for no reason.

Disease isn’t just about you being exposed to a virus or a bacteria or your body randomly developing tumours – it’s about the mental and emotional states that leave your body open and vulnerable to the various health disorders that exist when it’s out of balance.

The disease comes from the disconnection of who you really are and where you are not in your power.


of disease is lifestyle-based, which means that it doesn’t matter how many pills you take, how many surgeries you go through, or even holistic treatments, it’s gonna get worse unless you change.

Now, as a healer and coach, I use the same strategy. I feel healthier than I did years ago. I don’t rely on external sources of superficial help.

I embrace my own growth.

I am constantly upleveing, stepping up into a better version of myself. This is the most effective disease prevention ever. I live a soul-aligned life, embodying my power, and health comes naturally.

It gives me energy, and health not only for my personal life but to powerfully hold transformative containers for my clients with serious challenges such as cancer, ADHD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more.

The Health
of Your Dreams

is Reclaimed When You’ve Realigned With Your Power. Radiant Sacred Health is Available to You When You Choose You & Do the Deep Inner Healing to Become All of Her.

Read To Learn How?


Sacred Health™

What is it?

An exclusive, three-month programme for the heart-centred visionary woman to align with her radiant energy and authentic health.

Investment: 3,000€

This is not your average therapy or health coaching.

Sacred Health™ merges spirituality, and energetics with deep healing and strategy into a beautiful, step-by-step experience that has the potential to change your entire life.

Most leaders not only leave this experience feeling healthier, but they also leave happier, more fulfilled in their personal lives and businesses, and head over heels in love with themselves.

My goal is not just to help you get to an OK state. We’ll look at what’s really possible for you.

The truth is that we never live up to our full potential. Sacred Health is reclaimed when you are WELL on your way to creating your soul-aligned life with a “rm foundation of health, vibrancy and self-love.

Sacred Health™ is for those brave enough to plunge into delicious radical self-love, to be themselves and fierce enough to take the path less travelled in order to pave a future full of authentic health, vibrancy and soul-bursting freedom.

Are you ready to claim it?


“I moved from being doomed to take pills for the rest of my life, hormonal issues and pain to perfect health, being able to express my truth and starting my own soul-aligned business…”

Julia Korchagina
Female Health Coach

Unlock unlimited health and power that can elevate your state and life beyond your wildest dreams isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to achieve with the Sacred Health™ Programme.

Let’s Look at What Else
You’ll Walk Away With:


Step into prioritising your health as a busy entrepreneur with ease and effectiveness.


Breathe a sigh of relief as you free yourself from guilt, shame and any fear of what others think of you taking the time to care for yourself and nurture your beautiful body, mind and soul.


Fall in love with yourself and create deeply loving relationships with your body so that your body loves you fiercely and supports you in your mission, giving you more than enough energy and inspiration to execute everything you plan.


Move into a feeling of ease and vibrancy and become a powerful magnet for more ease, abundance and love where life endlessly nourishes you back!


Get the support you crave to do the deep inner child, ancestral, past life and soul healing work to manifest your sacred health and a profound sense of comfort being here in your body.


Other possible outcomes based on my clients’ cases: better relationships with your partner, children, and family and even the launch of your soul-aligned business. Even the sky isn’t the limit! We’ll unlock everything that’s possible for you.

The Four-Pillar Approach
to Vibrant Health:

The spectrum of my support ranges from mental and emotional challenges to serious physical illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue or fertility issues.

My clients achieve rapid results through a unique blend of subconscious reprogramming, inner process restructuring, energetic recalibration and intuitively channelled strategies.

  • Mindset Healing & Coaching

    Mindset Energy Healing sessions break through the limiting beliefs and biggest fears that are sabotaging your health and release the heavy emotions that are keeping you in a toxic relationship with your body. Together we’ll go deep into your subconscious to uncover and liberate you from the past to create infinite possibilities.

  • Body

    We will align your physical capacity to follow through with your vision with ease. We will improve the functioning of all physiological systems, e.g. the nervous, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, cardiovascular and endocrine systems and achieve deep relaxation and nurturing on a cellular level. Necessary healing is incorporated into the session and/or practised in between the sessions through the tools selected specifically for your needs.

  • Daily Actions

    Creating new healthy habits and a routine of practices that make you glow, and physical activities. Plus a diet plan unique to you and your beautiful body.

  • Spiritual Guidance

    I’ll teach you the spiritual tools I use in my life to connect with your higher self and your spiritual support team so that you can see the higher purpose of your experiences (as in many cases the disease awakens people into their purpose), fulfil your life goals and mission.

Sacred Health™ Includes:

Starts With an in-Depth Process
that Includes the Following Elements:

Soul Reading to identify your gifts and lessons for this lifetime and also blocks and negative programs that are holding you back.

Metaphysical nutritional MRI to scan the body for any nutritional deficiencies you may have, as many imbalances in the body manifest from nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, or simply lack of water).

Scanning for Toxins to see if there is any exposure to toxic chemicals that can come from cleaning, heavy metal sources, electrical devices, drinks, mouldy environments etc. This can have a powerful effect, particularly on the endocrine system and the liver and kidneys. From a metaphysical perspective, toxic substances are associated with toxic relationships, narcissism, and political abuse.

Whatsapp/Telegram Support

30 minutes per week of personalised coaching /
support (Mon—Fri)

12x 1-Hour Private Sessions

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A Bespoke Health Transformation Recording

to rewire old beliefs and unlock your full potential, uniquely designed to transform your subconscious resistance with ease and grace.

Pre-recorded Meditations and Healing Processes

tailored to your needs to maximise the healing effect.


Lean in for a Moment…

You’ll need to trust your intuition and take uncomfortable but life-changing steps like this toward the health and life your desire.

Feel your feet on the floor, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your nose. Feel the weight of all your expectations, ideas, and life pressures melt off of you with every exhalation.

If you’ve read down this far on the page without submitting an application you’re either not the perfect fit, you’re nervous to make the leap or you’re a family member checking in on my business (hey!).

I want you to know that if your intuition is screaming “YES!” but your body is scheming up all the reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t join us, this is completely normal.

If you’ve just found a reason why now isn’t the time, or why you should just figure it out on your own, that is also normal.

This is your body protecting you from doing something it’s never done before. This is your body doing its job. Thank your body, and be grateful that it’s supporting you.

And know, that the health you crave, and the vision you desire to bring to life will require you to face this discomfort, and become a new, higher version of yourself.

It’s normal to feel discomfort, but also know that you’ve got this. Sacred Health is possible for you. It’s just around the corner.

Sacred Health™

Three-Month Bespoke
Healing & Coaching Program

Your Investment


Once you submit an application, I’ll review, and if you’re a good fit, invite you to a call to discuss the program more and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Please note we cannot guarantee any outcome for our programmes. Please realise that you are undertaking this journey under your own responsibility. The information and opinions expressed on our website, factsheets, manuals and reports are designed for educational purposes only.
    Nevertheless, if you are the right fit with the right readiness (which we discuss during the Sacred Health call) and you do this work fully the transformation we describe above is what you can expect and I can stand for it.

  • What if I don't get the result? Do you have a refund policy?

    Although coaching, meditational modalities and alternative therapies have great benefits, results depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to your time commitment to the session, participation, personal motivation, how effectively you implement the strategies advised in the Programme, your efficiency in following up on each session of the Programme and existing health conditions. Our services are non-refundable.

  • I'm currently very busy in life. My work and family commitments take all of my time. Is Sacred Health Programme™ a good fit for me?

    To achieve the desired outcome time, energy and money commitment will be required. The programme is designed to help you manage your life more effectively so that you can begin to prioritise yourself and your health. Most people who wish to achieve Sacred Health and come into my world struggle with prioritising themselves. So, it’s a choice you have to make for yourself and I will help you to make it your default state. If you are not 100% ready to commit, then the Sacred Health™ Programme is not a fit for you at this time.

  • I'm currently undergoing medical treatment. Is the Sacred Health™ Programme a good fit for me?

    The methods used during the Programme work in conjunction with conventional treatments. They enhance the healing and remove the root cause of an issue to achieve permanent improvement. Our Programme is designed to powerfully complement any medical treatment, increasing the chances of the desired outcome and helping to minimise any harmful effects the medical treatment may have on the body.
    The methods used during the Programme do not replace (nor promise nor attempt to replace) any conventional or current health treatment which you may require from a qualified medical practitioner and/ or be currently using under specific medical advice.

Health & Vitality That Actually Lasts isn’t a Myth, and it Doesn’t Have to be Sacrificed for Your Business or Family.
It Gets to be Your Reality.