Exclusive 3 Month One-To-One Mentoring, Intuitive Healing & Coaching Programme

1 by Marina Sigalova

Sacred Success™

Where women reclaim the power of a light heart, and transform
pain into peaceful expansion.

7 Day Retreat
April 11th — 19th, 2024

You have faced your worst fear, said goodbye to a most precious desire.
Life will never be the same again, we can’t promise you otherwise.

Your heart has been broken, but your vision remains clear.

Loss mothers carry a special kind of pain; it is a beacon that will shine always for those sweet, pure souls we had to let go of. It lives inside of the light hearted warriors.

The grief lives on, but the isolation and suffering don’t need to. You are not alone, there is a middle ground.

As mothers, we have access to a profound connection to both the earth beneath our feet, and the unseen universe inside and around us. By greeting, nurturing and if needed, healing these connections, the burden of pain can be lightened and our souls can learn to shine once more This is the alchemy of the light hearted warrior.

When we begin to cultivate the fallow, but fertile garden of our hearts deepest grief, our days become brighter, filled with connection and potential.

The chance to lead our lives in honour of the beautiful children who weren’t able to stay with us, becomes a living, breathing meditation. The inner guidance that is our inheritance as mothers, helps us to release the pain of indecision and doubt.

When we find healing in the wake of immense loss, it creates golden waves that permeate outwards, touching everything and everyone in our lives.

This is the catalyst that awaits you when you join the Light after Loss retreat.

Sun — A Story

I thought I was destined to live in grief forever.

Losing a baby through TMRF is the most soulcrushing experience you can go through. Yet, there was another layer to it.

I faced the worst betrayal of my life when my then beloved turned out not to want his child. From the beginning of my pregnancy, the blessing of my life that I had been asking for and dreaming of for years was squashed by a cruel black boot of never-ending hurt and disappointment. My whole feminine being felt dishonoured and robbed of its sacredness.

The agony of being and feeling unprotected dropped me to the ground, writhing in pain and rage. I thought there could be nothing worse, but the news of the diagnosis hit me even harder.


My heart was broken beyond repair. It had pushed me to the limit and I couldn’t be stretched much more.

I felt like a fraud. So much for all the healing I had done on myself, worked with multiple coaches and healers, helping women around the world to reclaim their power to create the life they desire. I questioned whether I even have the right to work in this field.

The sense of loss was so profound and huge – loss of a child, loss of my love, loss of my dreams, loss of my identity and loss of love as a whole. I took the pill on the 14th of February and it felt like love had left my life forever.

I’ve been through the worst.

I was burning with anger, pain, guilt and confusion.
As the days went by, fewer and fewer people checked in, and soon I was completely alone with only two of my dear healers by my side to fiercely support me through this nightmare.

My business went down. I lived in survival.

I cried, I healed, I released, I understood, cried again, healed again.
And I rose from the ashes.

Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but my strength, more beautiful than ever.
I no longer fear the darkness, for I know that the phoenix within me will rise from the ashes.
I have found the path to peace and my powers to heal others have multiplied exponentially.
The massive deepest healing of my life has paid off.
The brightest light that came to me and stayed for 4 months paved the path for my future and the future of others I’m here to support . And there are more gifts to be unfolded.

Today as a healer, coach and medical intuitive I want to bring this to the world.
I’ve lived it and I’m able to understand everything you are thinking and feeling today.
And I want to show you YOUR strength that you need so that you can turn the pain into the light that will pave the path for your future.


Forest — A Story

I was 21 weeks pregnant when we found out that Forest was Forest and that he wasn’t made for this world.

As my world and all my visions came crashing down around me, I felt frozen in time. Frozen from the whiplash of the universe changing direction so unforgivingly. Frozen from the traumatic events that had unfolded, relentlessly, over such a short time. Frozen under the glare of doctors, nurses, family members, all waiting for my next move.

My decision.
The worst decision I ever made.
The one that I know, deep inside my heart, was the right and best one for me, my baby, and the rest of my family.

The universe had been busy however, and it just so happened that before the acronym TFMR had even entered my awareness, I had completed an energy healing mentorship with someone who was deeply informed by just such an experience.


Unbeknownst to me, I had submitted myself to the teachings, techniques and practices that I would end up needing as a matter of survival, just a short time later.
Through those teachings I was able to navigate the worst of the experience, find healing from the trauma I’d endured, and steer my course towards one of initiation rather than destruction.

So, very much like the proverbial phoenix reborn from the ashes, I was able to reclaim both joy and love in my life. Even though that had once seemed like an impossible reach.

It will be 3 years since my firstborn, died, just a few weeks before the retreat, and I can’t think of a better way to honour his existence. Since the moment I found out that he was Forest and that he wouldn’t be staying, I’ve felt driven towards supporting others experiencing something similar, as if it was his parting wish to me.


By integrating the power of your grief, peace will become a place inside of you.

This is the alchemy you’ll perform when you make the choice to face your loss, love your life, and accept the initiation of deep inner healing that is calling you following TFMR.

If you’re reading this then we know that your whole and beautiful heart is ready to make this journey.

Here’s what awaits you

Light After Loss

The Retreat

7 days, 8 nights in the breathtaking Azores islands, to guide you back to a place of powerful inner knowing, and peaceful acceptance.

Life after TFMR is no picnic, but we have lived experience that says it can and will be easier, more joyful, and even more powerful than before. When we turn towards the deep healing initiations that are only possible through the alchemy of great loss, we open our hearts to a new level of lightness.

Inside the Light after Loss retreat you’ll both receive and cocreate healing that supports the processing of traumatic loss, deep grief and immense life shifts commonly experienced after TFMR.

Healing happens in community, and together we will craft a sacred group container for all that needs to unfurl from within us.

You’ll develop a profound connection with your own guiding light, and the energetic support available to you at all times from mother earth and the cosmos.

Learn to compost pain and suffering into new life force energy; alchemise trauma and fear into confidence and courage; and reclaim joy and intuition to galvanise your light hearted warrior self.

This retreat is for those brave enough to fully confront the worst moments of their life, and fierce enough to follow the path that leads from there, by the beacon of their heart’s light,
towards a soulful future.

Located in the lush and potent volcanic setting of the Azores islands, Convento St Francis offers a grounded and safe sanctuary for your inner and outer explorations.

It is a sacred space, this building outside of time.

The energy of the monastery is ancient and peaceful; the perfect place for the transformational journey of the heart and soul that we will embark on.

With its regular alignment to the Big Dipper Constellation – the Taoists believe that Big Dipper picks you up and lifts you to heaven – the Convent brings us into closer connection with the memory of our babes, and other angels, guides, and ancestors.

More Impressions

The Light After Loss Retreat

Gentle Morning Movement
Profound (Theta Energy) Healing Workshops
Subconscious Reprogramming
Sound Healing
Somatic Therapy
Guided Creative Expression,
Guided Meditation
Rewilding Experiences In Nature.


In the Light After Loss Retreat
You Will:

Learn the Tools to Navigate
the New Reality of Your Life

shifting the frequency of suffering to peaceful acceptance

Receive Safe Holding
and Support

for the deeper layers of trauma, grief and transformation
inherent with this kind of rebirth

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

when you start seeing your life through the lenses of joy
and hope again

Rejuvenate Your Mind,
Body and Soul

to walk towards a bright future full of possibilities

Honor Yourself

your baby/babies, and your wise and beautiful body

Make New Connections

to last a lifetime, and discover the deep earth
magic of the Azores islands

The Programme

Arrival Day:

Opening ceremony and sharing circle, to gently land in the space, sow seeds of intention, and kindle our connection to one another.

Day 1.
The Heart Healing

Healing for the heart begins our journey on the path of the light heart. This day will be dedicated to healing with and for the heart energy, nervous system regulation, and releasing of traumatic imprints.

Day 2.
Body, Wisdom, Trust

On the second day we will tune into the wisdom of the body, with a focus on somatic practices for release and energetic renewal. Weather permitting, this day will include an excursion to the beautiful wilds of the Azores.

Day 3.
The Womb Healing

At the midway point of our journey together, we turn our attention to the care of the womb space and energy. We will work on integration of the TFMR experience, as well as deepening connection and communication with the wise womb, the seat of our creative energy. Weather permitting, this day will include an excursion to local thermal hot springs.

Day 4.
Love Never Dies

On the fourth day we will deepen the connection with our babies. Story sharing and meditations to explore what this looks like across the new dimensions we are now confronted with.

Day 5.
Rewilding Grief

We dedicate day 5 to a full day excursion to Fajal da Terra for a gentle hike in the astonishing nature of the temperate rainforest. Forest bathing is par for the course. Our destination is a breathtaking waterfall where we will hold a flower ceremony for our babies.

Day 6.
Insights & Integration

Any healing journey worth its salt is full of spacious pauses for integration. On the 6th day there will be no specific structure or deep healing work, but instead, various slow paced and easy practices that prioritise gaining insight, and integration of insights. This is the day to get out and explore the island if it’s calling you!

Day 7.
Rose Healing

On our final day together we will combine our powers for a Rose activation ceremony and tailored healing circle to bring the retreat to a close.

Daily Offerings

Aside from the main programme, each morning before
breakfast, there will be gentle guided movement and/or
grounding into Gaia. Each evening after dinner there will
be fireside chats and journaling/creative sessions.

A detailed itinerary will become available closer to the

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions
regarding the programme, or to inform us of any specific
accessibility requests or requirements.

Your Accomodations:

Shared room: two single beds in a spacious room with a fireplace (wood provided) and an ensuite bathroom with an ocean or mountain view.

€2,795.- p.p.

Single room: Double bed in a spacious room with a fireplace (wood provided) and an ensuite bathroom with an ocean or mountain view.

€3,295.- p.p.

Booking Policy

600€ deposit to secure your spot (non-refundable as we need to book the accommodation).
50% of the remaining payment is due by February 12.
Final balances due by March 12. (One month before)

*After January 12 all payments are non-refundable.
Trip insurance is strongly recommended.
* Prices quoted in Euros. For prices in dollars please use this converter.

What’s Included?


Seven days of guidance, support, and deep wisdom from your dedicated hosts, Elizabeth and Marina.


Daily healing and group coaching


Daily morning embodiment workshops (except for arrival day).


At least one full day guided nature excursion with picnic lunch, transport and entrance


At least two half-day excursions to nearby hot springs and other high energy spots on the island, including transport and entrance fees


One free afternoon to rest, rejuvenate or explore more of the island.


All meals except one evening of the 7 (meal out, paid individually) fees.


Airport transfers from the airport to the Convento St. Francis and back.

What’s Excluded?

(Airport code: PDL)
Azores Airlines, Ryanair or TAP Airlines
from Europe.

Some Notes:

It is recommended to arrive a day or two earlier and / or extend your stay (suggestions for lodging can be provided) in order to see all the “must see” sites. The official retreat start is at 9am on Sunday, April 12.

Please make sure you meet all requirements for international travel. Please make sure your passport is valid for international travel (must be valid more than three months after trip dates).

Trip Insurance is highly recommended as booking policies described above are strictly enforced

No alcohol will be served to support a safe space for the transformative work we are doing.

Early arrivals before April 12 are possible if you wish to explore the island on your own.

Your Hosts & Guides


Marina is a Sacred Success Visionary who traded in traditional metrics of success as a high-flying financial career and status for a soul-filling success from flow, innate gifts and impact.

She employs and teaches such modalities as Theta Healing® and Medical Intuitive Technique® (accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists) with subconscious reprogramming and energy healing, sound therapy, somatic work, trauma therapy and leadership coaching to achieve significant goals with her clients, such as moving into soul-aligned entrepreneurship, business scaling combined with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.

This combination of skills allows her to restructure internal and external processes for rapid results in business, health and love, as the three are inextricably linked. She is a coauthor of an international bestselling book Ignite Possibilities.


Elizabeth is a professional wildling, artist and writer who lives with the land in reciprocity, in Northern Portugal. A forever student of our Gaian home, but nevertheless, a millennial, she takes her cues from the natural world, and has nurtured into being a practice evocative of shamanism, with roots in technology.

She is an energy worker, rebirth doula, and intuitive nature connection guide, adept in the creation and delivery of engaging circles, workshops and meditations.

With a background in activism and online engagement, Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for the planet, and all who live here, including the more than human world. She sees the patterns and connections that weave the fabric of our reality, and responds accordingly, in whatever way is of most service to the collective.

Lean in for a Moment…

It’s so normal to feel discomfort, especially after all you’ve been through, but also know that you’ve got this. Peace and a light heart is possible for you when you allow yourself to be gently guided there.

Feel your feet on the floor, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a deep breath in through your nose, and back out through your nose. Feel the weight of the day, any tension, worries or concerns, melt away with every exhalation.

If you’ve arrived to this part of the page (I like to think of it as the ‘outback’) without submitting an application, this is either not the right fit for you or, perhaps more likely, you feel nervous to take the leap.

I want you to know that if your intuition is screaming “YES!” but your body is scheming up all the reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t join us, that this is completely normal. If you’ve just found a reason why now isn’t the time, or why you should just figure it out on your own, that is also normal.

This is your body protecting you from doing something it’s never done before. This is your body doing its job. Thank your body, and be grateful that it’s supporting you And know, that the peace and tranquility you crave, as well as the vision you desire to bring to life will require you to face this discomfort, and become a new, more empowered version of yourself. I want you to know that you can trust your intuition, and heavens know you’re more than able to take uncomfortable, but life-changing steps for the greater good.

Retreat Application