Ignite Possibilities

I’ve recently been honoured to be a contributing author in IGNITE Possibilities, an anthology uniting go-getters from around the world who have created incredible opportunities for themselves and others…sometimes out of seemingly impossible situations.

Each change-maker in this book experienced a moment when he or she had to pivot to discover something new and exciting was possible for them. They redefined what could be by stepping beyond what was. These stories speak to the courage, flexibility, and self-awareness it takes to find a silver lining, and allow new possibilities to emerge in your life. The visionaries featured in IGNITE Possibilities are not simply talking about their past experiences, they are shining light on the future they unveiled.

This book has been created to inspire you to redefine what is possible for you, and the world to which you contribute. Each author joining me in this book shares the hope that you will walk away from the experience motivated to take a closer look at your life, your path, and consider the whole realm of unseen chances you could take. We want to empower you and transform you, all for the better.