Misteriosa Chakra Drops № 4

Chakra drops/ therapeutic effect/ ingredients: 100% essential oils

Chakra Drops №4 work with the heart chakra “unfreezing” and balancing your feelings and emotions. Drops allow you to increase emotional maturity and emotional perceptiveness about the world around you, other people, and vibrations.

Signature mantra: “My heart is open to love”

The mantra helps unload the negative emotions from your heart. Let go of the grudges, sadness, and despair.

Ingredients: almond seed oil, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil+a secret mix of 6 essential oils

How to use it?

Apply 1-3 drops to the heart chakra-the spot in the middle of your chest right where your heart is. Use daily for 1.5 months.

As you apply the drops, recite the affirmation, it will help you fully immerse yourself in the process.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sources of heat and sunlight.

Volume: 10 ml.

Have a pleasant essential trip

Delivery time is about 2,5 weeks.