Fiercely Nurtured!


A one-of-a-kind private members’ club for like-minded soul-led entrepreneurs & executive women who want to have it all.

There is an alternative to the stress and anxiety you endure as a high-achieving entrepreneur or executive. It is a feeling of deep calm and relaxation while joyfully thriving in every single area of your life.

Here is what I know about you:

Yes, you are a powerhouse.  You have climbed that career ladder or built your business so successfully, and you know that.

You walk in the room, and the whole room shines because you inspire and you lead.

You make things happen every single day. You are aware of your superpowers and you know you have the skill set to create massive change in the world.

You are so magnetic, and you have all the magic coming into you, and somehow you are not satisfied.

And you know you have the power to create even more. But it feels like there is no space for it.

  • Sometimes secretly you want to give up on your business or career and burn it down. When you wake up in the morning and you are looking at your to-do list and you have these 5 things on the list and when you go to sleep you have 42 things to do. And you are saying, ‘Now you are telling me to do yoga? Are you kidding me?’  Getting a bath at the end of the day isn’t gonna happen either!
  • Everybody wants something from you: employees, counteragents, clients, family, children and the whole world. There is so much giving going on that there is simply not enough space to receive, leading to feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression.

What’s really going on is

You will probably relate to life being something of the school of hard knocks. As a result,
your self-esteem and self-worth take a hit, leaving you always over-giving, overcommitting and trying to prove yourself, whether in a domestic sphere or work. And you know how exhausting, mentally and physically damaging that is.

Moreover, over-giving and lack of nurturing are passed down from generation to generation. It is woven deep into our subconscious and imprinted in our genes. Historically, women were expected to neglect themselves and their bodies and give to everybody else. They based their value on how well they are taking care of everyone else at the expense of themselves.

This is exactly how an early child conditioning and genetic programming make you fight, battle and forget what’s it like to be a cherished woman.


But there is another way.

I know this is going to sound like a full-blown fantasy to you but hear me out. I am proof that this is possible because I have walked this path ahead of you. The way to get your life back is to:

Roar your FEMALE POWER back where you RECEIVE with ease. The feminine gets things done with so much efficiency and flow. If she desires structure, she creates it or employs it. It’s all quite simple, even when it’s not…because she’s relaxed into the doing of things. She takes care of herself first, not last, and holistically nurtures her life, businesses, and families.

Your first step to receiving would be letting me nurture you together with the safe and loving community of like-minded women.

This  exclusive membership is

1 For those who no longer desire to sacrifice for their business growth and their family’s well-being.

2 For those who seek to thrive in every single area of their lives and want to have it all, while feeling vibrant and rejuvenated.

3 For those who wish to deepen their access to intuitive guidance in your personal life and business, enabling you to make soul-aligned decisions and have clarity on their future.

4 For those seeking the deep embodiment of a full expression of the truth that they are, living the truth of your message, where their courageous voice is unlocked and heard.


As a result

You open yourself up to receiving more from life: more nurture, pleasure, health and love.

Your mental load, stress and anxiety levels decrease

You become in charge of your reactions and behaviours

You receive the support of like-minded women in a loving community

Your performance increases as you have more energy, feeling rejuvenated, beautiful, vibrant and powerful.


  1. WEEKLY ZOOM CALLS: You will receive my personal attention to reprogram your most pressing issue – something where you know your personal power is being confounded and you feel drained. We will use my ability to hold and change consciousness at the workshop’s close. Everyone who experiences this with me describes a feeling of lightness, peace and deep nurture, leaving workshops connected, elevated and inspired.
  2. DAILY PROGRAMMING: You will have a chance to recognise the stories in your subconscious mind that keep you oscillating between what you feel is possible for you and being held back by your patterns. These could include family patterns, destructive behaviour and limiting beliefs. We will change subconscious beliefs on personal, genetic and soul levels.
  3. EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Engaging conversations, exclusive premium content, and happenings within a closed collaborative environment let members interact and network with each other, become real-life friends, and find high-quality information and advice on a healthy, conscious lifestyle as well as business development.
  4. NEURO MEDITATIONS: You will receive exclusive meditations with a proven technique to receive deep nurturing and tune into your perfect successful day, activate your female creativity and masculine structure, vibrant health, and so much more.
  5. BEST OFFERS FOR 1:1 WORK WITH ME: Should you wish to take your life upgrade to the next level, you will receive the best offers for 1:1 work with me with personal mentoring, healing and coaching.

I want you to imagine that you stand at a fork in the road. The path that leads straight ahead is the one you’ve always been on and you know the future is a repetition of all that you’ve experienced. However, the path to the right has the support you receive in our container.


I know the unknown can be scary, but nothing is as terrifying as an endless repetition of what you have already lived.

When you confront the legacy of the past in this way all that you are left with is peace.

All this is available to you when you choose to be guided towards upgrading the limiting and sabotaging stories that are lodged deep within your subconscious mind.

I help you get the nurture you are looking for and open up to receiving more in life while gently and lovingly moving to the next level of your life.

I hold a stake in the ground for what’s possible for you, just as I did for these women when they took their first step with me.

Fiercely Nurtured!

A one-of-a-kind private members’ club for like-minded soul-led entrepreneurs & executive women who want to have it all.

Support. Healing. Opportunities. Growth. Connections.

Become a Fiercely Nurtured member today for

€ 50

*Membership Subscription Auto-Renews Every Month Until Canceled