Where soulful leaders and visionaries find a loving space to unlock their fierce power, bring their visions to life to create the impact they were born to have.


Get instant access to TWO cutting-edge guided 15 min energy clearing meditations. Taste and touch a sense of what your future can be like, what it is like to unlock your power and connect to your vision for impact. Program your subconscious mind easily & quickly on a deep subconscious level with this powerful kit.

Hi! My name is Marina, and I help soul-led leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, restructure their processes for rapid results in health & business.

My clients have achieved a certain level of success in their area of practice or business, but that’s something deep inside them that’s yearning to be let out: a greater mission, more energy and health, joy, and success.

Some of them are often so exhausted that they are destroying their health, family relationships, and joy in life and do not even enjoy the work draining their souls. Or they already have a business, but they feel like they want to give up on it and burn it down because they have burnout and overwhelm. They are facing an emotional and/or health crisis and are fearful that if they don’t resolve this problem, it will have irreversible consequences not only on their well-being but also on the future of humanity.

That’s why I created Sacred Success™ System that aims to achieve the ultimate deeply fulfilling soul-aligned success. It includes 3 blocks that can be taken individually or all together – Sacred Success™ for executives and entrepreneurs, Radiant Health™ for females and Flourishing Business for entrepreneurs to grow their heard-led business.

As a result of working with me, my clients achieve the highest uplevel to be free to fiercely & fearlessly step into their own medicine and realise the power of what they are here to offer.
It does feel like letting them out of jail, unlocking their wings, and they become unstoppable. They awaken their passion for life and deep satisfaction inside them. I also show them how to take care of themselves first, not last, and holistically nurture their lives, businesses, and families, creating a new story for humanity.


Work with me


Marina is an intuitive therapist, spiritual mentor and teacher, international best-selling author, guiding leaders and visionaries who are seeking for a feeling of deep fulfilment and calm while impacting the world on a greater scale.



Marina lovingly guides soulful leaders into a new world where their power is unlocked, and they live their lives with purpose, maximising their impact on the world while being deeply satisfied.



Life transformation courses: learn how to clear your mindset so that you can create the life you will love including fulfilling career or business aligned with your life purpose, soulmate relationships, health & much more.



I was able to connect with my soul purpose and understand what I am here to do and what my next steps are. Now I stay true to my core values and can be firmer in my decisions.

I will speak up, even if my voice is the only one in the crowd. This has already yielded benefits in my personal and business life. Using my voice to speak up on behalf of the employees in my company resulted in keeping fair remuneration for the employees.

I awakened my creativity and that gives me so much joy. Moreover, I awakened my intuition and learnt how to use it to take the right decision for me.

ChristinePartner in a leading international law firm

Marina was the key to resolving my challenges and ultimately my transformation.

Every time I felt stuck, we had a session and new ways of thinking opened to me, I was able to start to take decisions and see new perspectives. We discovered the limiting subconscious beliefs that put me in toxic relationships and worked on changing my perspective to then transform the belief. It did not happen overnight, but I was able to liberate myself.

Now I know how to take charge of my emotions and my life. I became passionate about life and my creativity is blossoming. Working with Marina was like talking with an old friend who knows the answers to all my questions.

Evgeniyaa Chief Risk Data analyst

Now I am connected to my soul purpose and I am working on launching my soul-aligned business!

Marina's courses and Theta Healing sessions helped me a lot during this difficult period! Every time our sessions were so powerful!

I had more energy released; personal situations resolved on their own.

You do not need to visit psychologists for years; in one or two sessions you can solve seemingly intractable problems!

I decided to learn this technique from Marina, she is a great teacher and mentor, a true Artist!!!

Gently, with love, she teaches Theta Healing, this is an amazing practice that instantly works wonders!

I am sincerely grateful to Marina for her gift, talent, kindness, love, and for the fact that we met on this planet at this time!!! Thank you, a million times over!

Anna AlexeevaCreative Enterpreneur

I felt huge difference after 4th session with Marina followed by relief and feeling like I get on with my life again. I found a sense of freedom again.

I was seeking help with my sexuality and sexual trauma. Prior to receiving her assistance I was seeking help from other people, doing yoga and meditations. I was drawn to Marina because of her gentle Goddess like energy, knowing that she would understand me.
She's brilliant, easy going and compassionate. Working with her was very easy and relaxing!

Monika DmytryszynCreative entrepreneur

I came or rather crawled to her when realised that other techniques could not help me. I have healed my childhood traumas.
I began to manifest myself in the outside world more freely and courageous.
I found my power, better say got acquainted with it, healing my shadow manifestations. I took responsibility for my life and got rid of the victim mentality.
I feel light and happy every day, and even facing difficulties, I am sure that I will cope with them easily and with love.

I feel connected to the Creator and my real self, I have come to a deeper understanding of myself, when I get answers not out of my mind, but from my true desires and my purpose. I trust myself and I trust the world, therefore I became more relaxed.
Now I understand that everything in life can happen gently and through love, that changes are possible not only after a few years of psychotherapy.


Working with Marina is a blessing and it helped me to take my transformation on a really deep level. I appreciate her gentleness in guiding me through the shadow corners of my being and, like a torch full of golden light, she helped to see the real me and my full potential ready to bloom. Together with Marina, I have cleared beliefs about own worth with respect to my profession and today, I am happy to see the results and have a new professional adventure ahead of me. Thank you, Marina, for your generosity, your humbleness, your powerful healing gift!


I was finding the energies very dense, worried about business and a pain in the lower leg exclusively when walking. So I have gifted myself with a Skype session with Marina. In less than one hour we identify blocks related to my self worth, my beliefs around work and why the pain in the legs. Some beliefs were really hidden under layers of fears and egocentric attitudes. I now feel refreshed, aligned and the pain in my lower leg is gone.


Marina helped me to understand the roots of some issues I was facing and how to overcome them. During the healing session I managed to go back to the times of my childhood and release some deep fears that were holding me back. Marina is very good at listening, feeling and intuitively leading though my healing experience. After the session, I felt so much relieved, lighter and calmer, with a great sense of radiant fullness in my body and soul. I am very grateful for Marina’s help.


I have been able to heal some emotional pain from my past, which apparently was the cause of eczema I used to suffer for a long time. As a result, i was able to come off the antibiotics. Marina is a very intuitive and gifted practitioner.


I've been blessed to have healing sessions with Marina. She is a fantastic healer and has helped me several times.
I reached out to Marina recently because I had very painful physical symptoms and wasn't sure what's causing them. She scanned my energy and told me what the issue was. And amazingly she got it spot on as the doctor said the same thing. She put me at ease, and I felt safe to share it with her. She gave me lots of clarity and solutions. I felt Marina truly cares for her clients and I am grateful to have met such a beautiful soul.


Marina provides an extremely safe space to speak your truth and is perfectly supportive of your chosen intentions for the session and your personal healing. Secondly she is a natural and is able to just flow with you as the session progresses, whilst offering very effective and intuitive questions. I loved the experience. I experience significant improvement in everything we worked on, from boundaries, to freedom and social freedom and relaxation, as well as being in support of my wants and needs. The best part was it all came really naturally, whereas I was so used to expecting to have to push against fears and try to change thinking. Just goes to show reprogramming is great!