I strongly believe that business is a powerful agent for change and soul-led business leaders, bravely slaying dogmas and living their highest truth lead the way to a prosperous and sustainable future.

by Marina Sigalova

About Me

The world needs your powerful voice more than ever. This requires
leaders and visionaries like you to claim your unique blueprint and bravely
express it, bringing your highest vision to life.

How it Started for Me:

After years of working with the top tiers of management in leading international corporations, I followed my soul’s calling, committing myself to support the fundamental shifts required.

I became obsessed with activating a new story within myself to activate a new story of humanity. Years of study and mentorship by the brightest minds in the healing and coaching industry came to fruition. Read about my journey here.

I know intimately the challenges business leaders experience and I am here to support YOU to shift your inner story and find a higher level desire, follow it and quantum leap on all levels - business, wealth and love.

I’m most proud of the ripple effect my work creates. I’m proving that we can relax on the inside, love our life, despite any unloving beginnings, and step into leading the world authentically for the well-being of all.

And that’s what I am here to do. I’d love to do just that with your inner story.

Who I've Become:

A Sacred Success™ Visionary who traded in traditional metrics of success as a high-flying financial career and status for a soul-filling success from flow, innate gifts and impact.

A Theta Healing® instructor, leadership coach, master energy healer and Medical Intuitive accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and international best-selling author.

A unique amalgamation of a seasoned expert in leadership coaching, energy healing, wellness mentoring and teaching with a Big 4 Auditing and Consultancy background working across multiple geographies and industries.

The clients I am working with are CEOs, CFOs, partners in finance, legal services, IT and other industries, as well as entrepreneurs in the coaching, healing and entertainment industries.

What I can Offer:

I employ such modalities as Theta Healing® and Medical Intuitive technique® with subconscious reprogramming and energy healing, sound therapy, somatic work, trauma therapy and leadership coaching to achieve significant goals with my clients, such as moving into soul-aligned entrepreneurship, business scaling combined with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.

The combination of strong analytical and problem-solving skills, a business consulting background, keen intuition and profound therapeutic healing knowledge allows me to restructure internal and external processes for rapid results in business, health and love, as the three are inextricably linked.

My Journey

London. I wake up on a tired grey sofa, in a dingy little flat in a dodgy
neighbourhood, the rain beating a rhythm on the window and my
whole body itching.

Confused and exhausted, covered in bites, I slowly slid off the sofa onto the floor. Panic sweeps through my body as I sit frozen and mute, my breathing shallow, my chest hardly moving.

The sofa is severely infested with bugs and I begin to realise that they have spread to all my belongings.

I am a corporate executive working for a top international accounting firm. I hate this job and frankly, I hate my life. I don’t like the way I feel in my relationships. And I’m in an infested flat which is my temporary home offered by my colleague until I find a new long-term stay.

I wonder how long I have to live in this never-ending struggle, where no matter how much I strive for a fulfilling life, I never seem to be able to get there.

“You are exhausted, you are miserable, you are bitten by life”, pops in my head.


… Women Like Myself Come to Me, Successful in the Traditional Way
but Empty and Exhausted on the Inside.

Society says you should be grateful but they find themselves on expensive vacations understanding they can’t find joy. They can't even understand why they are here… what I help them do is gain self-mastery to powerfully create their lives through a unique approach I have developed so that they can have higher quality experiences in life and business and it really works!

And why does it work? Because I’ve tried literally everything out there. This is the only way I have found to work for me and my clients.

That’s why I developed the Sacred Success™ programme.

It is a unique vehicle for you to find a higher level desire, follow it and quantum leap on all levels — business, wealth and love. You let yourself out of self-imposed jail, spread your wings and take off to make a massive difference in the world.

The Sacred Health™ Programme was born later …

… as a result of my medical intuitive studies and learning that a disease is simply you not being in your power. The Sacred Health™ Programme is for soulful entrepreneurs who want to prioritise their mental and physical health while running a successful business.

These are the programmes for activating a new story of humanity by starting with a new story within you.

I am an activator of that frequency and potential for you. You might not see this vision in your mind’s eye yet, but it starts with the feeling within you. And it’s enough. Are you ready to follow your feeling and claim it?

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