My mission is to gift humanity empowered leaders in business who are connected to their Truth, so that they may lead the way to a prosperous and sustainable future.

I strongly believe that business is a powerful agent for change and that you and I are at the forefront of that evolution.

The world needs your powerful voice more than ever. This requires leaders and visionaries like you to be aligned with their INNER POWER to bring your highest vision to life. And at the Highest Expression is always Love, which manifests in unconditional health, harmonious personal life and soul-aligned work, for which you get richly rewarded. By reflecting Love in your business, you activate a ripple effect around the planet.

After years of working with the top tiers of management in leading international corporations, I followed my soul’s calling, committing myself to support the fundamental shifts required.

I became obsessed with activating a new story within myself to activate a new story of humanity. Years of study and mentorship by the brightest minds in the healing and coaching industry came to fruition. Read about my journey here.

I know intimately the challenges top female leaders experience and I am here to support YOU to shift your inner story and achieve the extraordinary results that are possible for YOU.

I’m most proud of the ripple effect my work creates. I’m proving that we can relax on the inside, love our life, despite any unloving beginnings, and step into leading the world authentically for the well-being of all.

And that’s what I am here to do.

I’d love to do just that with your inner story.

Let’s do it!


Marina Sigalova is an Intuitive Coach & Healer, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher and International Best-Selling Author who works with female leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who know they are ready to let their full power be expressed so that they can live their life with purpose, clarity, and love, and maximise their impact on the world.

She creates the content used in continuous professional development in the UK. Specifically, it is used to maintain the standard of interpersonal skills of professionals in the financial services sector.

Known for her ability to integrate science and spirituality, Marina has a rare combination of intuition, highly nurturing healing powers, and business awareness. She has a proven track record of helping high-achieving women create a life of purpose and passion, step into a new paradigm of female success and thrive in leadership.

Her experience and approach include a variety of complementary therapies and leading ‘right brain’ technologies, including Theta Healing®, Hypnosis, Sound Therapy, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, Therapeutic Coaching, and Aroma psychology.

Marina’s work is revolutionary and paradigm-changing as she holds a strong frequency that allows her clients to eliminate the root of the problem that holds them back on a deep subconscious level, resulting in a rapid upward elevation. She catalyses their own innate truth-discovering, self-empowering ability that calls them into the highest-integrity expression of their life.


I will never forget the last busy season at my company and the grueling project that changed my life forever.

My team and I sit in a tiny meeting room, closed in by glass walls decorated with colorful glossy advertising posters of luxury items. In the hall, managers with severely bloated egos scurry anxiously from meeting to meeting. Any request I make of them is met with blatant disdain, making it extremely difficult for me to do the job their employer has hired me to do.

As I mechanically march through data in my Excel spreadsheets, my mind is trying to suppress one big rebellious thought,

“None of this makes sense!” The nature of the business with all these people destroying their health, mind and spirit, me; burning the midnight oil preparing audit reports, ensuring that the financial statements are accurate and that there is no risk to the shareholders, keeping the business flourishing so that they can create more of the same.

All of it is so meaningless!

I could hear other staff in the hall chatting happily, consumed by small talk as the delicious aroma of fresh coffee fills the office. I am tempted to join them, however, taking a break seemed an unaffordable luxury to me. We have 5 days to perform the work that would normally require triple that time.

My adrenals raise to the challenge, pumping out crazy amounts of cortisol, sharpening my thinking, and energizing me to move the project forward. But my body says ‘NO!’ and goes on strike: a fever develops, and I completely lose my voice.

I continue working, using my raspy voice to manage my team and meet with the client. Every time I speak, I feel like a knife is cutting my throat.

I receive an email from my manager and instead of stating his appreciation and compassion for my effort and circumstances, he expresses his dissatisfaction for my poor performance.

Shocked and frustrated, I want to crawl under a rock and never come out! I feel small and helpless as the last of my power is seized from me.

For the past 8 years, I had been a high-achieving successful woman working for one of the top 4 international accountancy firms, consulting to the CEOs and CFOs of the world’s biggest corporations and managing project teams for companies with 3-billion-euro turnovers.

At some point in my ‘successful’ career, I slowly lost my passion for it. I started to feel suffocated and stuck in a job that was killing me. I was living on autopilot and my life felt meaningless: no relationships and no joy. Completely drained, I had no control over my life.

For years I was desperately yearning to awaken from living this way. I reconnected to my inner guide and knew my true soul’s calling was helping people heal and transform their life, but I didn’t know where my greatest contribution lay.

My real passion was in applying a holistic approach to self-development and I couldn’t express this openly in my working environment. I felt like an alien who had to hide to belong, so I kept juggling my double life. I was yearning to be fully expressed, yet I was tied down inside a cage of fears and ‘not good enough’ stories. Being shut down, I kept hustling for my value and disowning my true power.

Until one Saturday…

In the emergency room, I check my phone and see multiple missed calls from my manager; he was continuously trying to get the maximum value out of me even on a weekend.

A clear image of being stuck in that job flashes in my mind.

I see the inevitable self-destruction. I already had health-related issues related to never-ending stress and deep-seated self-hatred for not daring to change my life. Rage starts to boil inside me, my heartbeat quickens and blood rushes to my face. The silence becomes dangerous.

No way! Not only my own health is at stake but essentially, the evolution of humanity is at stake. My mission is needed even if it’s terrifying. I am choosing my soul’s calling. No more wounded power stories, no more ever-present imposter syndrome, no more doubts or lack of purpose!

Suddenly I got it! Everything I’ve been through has a purpose. I want to change the way business is done.

I strongly believe women in business are the most powerful agents for change. A business must reflect your highest Truth and be used to evolve humanity. And this can only be achieved through calling forth your Power.

I will help high-achieving female leaders and visionaries redefine their relationships with power and make an impact utilizing their highest talents and creative power. And at the Highest Expression is Love.


That day I self-authorised myself to reject the intolerable and go after my dream. That unshakable confidence in me ignited a few weeks ago when I took a trip to India to visit the Ashram of Amma.

Amma is known famously as “the hugging saint.” I remember going up on the stage to receive a hug, called darshan, with a letter I handed over to the Swamis, who stood by Amma’s side.

As one of the Swamis was reading my letter to her, my heart missed a beat in awe of the moment, and I knew something very important was happening. I was seeking her blessing and support to fulfil my heart’s greatest desire — to be a healer and live an utterly different life from the one I had known.

Her kind smiling eyes were emanating the highest form of love that pervaded right to my core. My body moved toward her like a paper clip to a magnet, and I was enveloped in a surreal cosmic motherly embrace. She whispered love into my ear, “My daughter, my daughter, my daughter…”

After my hug, I sat behind her. Suddenly, sadness and grief took control over me and I burst into tears. The force of love turned my tears of hurt into tears of liberation, and then those of joy of being reconnected to love. It brought me back to peace. I felt alive. I clearly heard ‘the message,’ that I was going to do exactly the same, reconnecting people to love. I flinched from the amplitude of that statement, not feeling worthy of it just yet. The idea scared me, but I got it.

I lived through those trials so that I could know true freedom and lead others toward it.

The energy of freedom rippled through my body. My skin started to tingle from the crown of my head to my toes with such force that I felt my etheric wings unfurl. No longer were they crumpled, atrophied lumps under my shoulder blades but beautiful eight-foot high wings of shimmering golden light I could feel moving rhythmically as I breathed — not the anxious shallow breaths of before but full deep, calm, liberating inhales of life.

It wasn’t even me breathing, I was being inspired by a greater force that was loving me back into wholeness. When I opened my eyes there was a new sparkle in them. I had expanded so much and in so many ways that I could never go back. It was time for me to be who I am at my core.

Fast forward to that rainy Saturday in London…

After my final decision on that Saturday, it took 5 months before I could divest myself of my old job and really begin living. I committed to myself, but I didn’t take the journey alone. I received professional education in a variety of holistic, leading-edge modalities and assistance from my teachers.

My intuition skyrocketed as did my abilities to transform. It is an evolution that continues as my commitment deepens.

I did not step straight from permission to paradise.


So, there I was in Bali, the middle of paradise. I’d spent hours on social media posts preparing for the webinars and no one showed up!

I can’t believe nobody wants the gift I have to offer. My savings are depleting, and I wondered if I will ever be able to make money with my vocation.

I am entirely gripped by the fear of having to return to my old soul-draining role, a feeling worse than being imprisoned. The fear of subsequent embarrassment in front of my former colleagues was the icing on the cake and it pushed me to work even harder, working myself to the ground in my dream job!

This was the start of my journey to unlink my self-worth from my bank account and success, connect with my essence and express my voice without the need to prove it. I faced a lot of ego death; letting go of doubt and learning acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and service.

Every time I failed, I was guided by the words, “Willingness, faith, and courage in action…it doesn’t require perfection.”

It was my WHY that kept me going. I trusted my vision and walked towards it with small steps thinking, “I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway. I might fail or I might not, but it’s preparing me for something greater.”

Meanwhile, I vigorously worked on shifting the limiting coding in my subconscious mind to a thriving one.

It took me years of going deep within to seek the answers and forge the true path forward. When I did start incorporating the principles I discovered, my whole life changed. I’m in my best physical, mental, and spiritual place ever. I’m happier, more at peace and deeply satisfied.

When you’re on your soul’s mission and in alignment with your head, heart, and higher purpose, you are being your true self.

The ripple effect of healing I am able to create around the planet, by working with female leaders, keeps me going. Love is flowing abundantly through me and I can holistically nurture my life, family, love relationships, community, industry, and world.

Now I understand the importance of unblocking the line with your inner guide to stir a deeper sense of direction, letting go of limiting stories that are running in your subconscious mind, getting into a full soul alignment with your power, and being fully expressed. By putting your full essence, which is Love, behind your business, it reflects who you are. The frequency of your business then ripples around the planet, blanketing the earth in a new energy, a new consciousness and a new frequency of living.

That’s why I developed the Sacred Success Accelerator™. This unique programme helps you unlock your power, let yourself out of jail, spread your wings and take off to make a massive difference in the world.

The Sacred Success Accelerator™ is a programme for activating a new story of humanity by starting with a new story within you. I am an activator of that frequency and potential for you. You might not see this vision in your mind’s eye yet, but it starts with the feeling within you. And it’s enough.


ChristinePartner in a leading international law firm

EvgeniyaBanking IT Consultant and Data Analyst