THETA HEALING® You and Your Inner Circle

This 2 days seminar is designed to help you choose the people you surround yourself with in your personal and professional life in order to have the successful and fulfilling life you deserve.

The people you habitually associate with determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life. That’s huge! And it is exactly why you can’t leave it to chance. This course will really change your life and will prepare you to move forward, by giving you clarity and discernment on who should be part of your inner circle and how to work on yourself to start attracting the right and like-minded people to become part of your inner circle.

Prerequisites: Theta Healing® Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You and the Creator.
Includes: Theta Healing® You and Your Inner Circle manual.
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing® You and Your Inner Circle practitioner.

June 9-11th June, 2022

Time: 7 am EST/ 1pm CET am – 1 pm EST/ 9 pm CET

Investment: € 360

  • Is Your Inner Circle of Family and Friends holding you back?
  • What if you could trust yourself to know who can be trusted?
  • Are you tired of being betrayed?
  • Are you fed up with people breaking your trust?
  • Are you exhausted from people taking time, money, or energy from you?

If you would like to change that, join us for …


You and Your Inner Circle

  • What if you could trust yourself to know who can be trusted?
  • Clear away limiting beliefs preventing you from discerning who you can trust
  • Discover how to manifest a loving and caring inner circle of family and friends
  • Find a way to peacefully release the untrustworthy people from your life
  • Heal the pain and trauma you hold from experiencing toxic and painful friendships

The 3 Circles of Relationships

There are 3 circles that designate the people in your life. The inner, middle and outer relationships. The outer is your acquaintances. The middle is your friends and co-workers. And the inner circle is the people closest to us.

To grow your business you’ll need a team. In order for you to operate effectively, you’ll need to understand how to lead and collaborate with others.

And those that are the closest to you in your inner circle matter to most. The life experiences with people from the inner circle impact us so deeply, that when conflict or betrayal arises it can create deep wounds and traumas that define patterns for our interactions with others. We start viewing the world through these self-imposed distorted filters. This course clears those traumas so that you can pick better friends, colleagues, teammates or love partners.

When you clear the trauma from betrayals, you spend less time focused on fixing other people’s lives and more time focused on:

  • Having more fun and joy
  • Creating fulfilling relationships with trustworthy people
  • Find a way to peacefully release the untrustworthy people from your life
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • Using your newly freed-up energy in ways that delight you
  • Manifesting more clients
  • Building an abundant business that prospers you

When your inner circle of friends and family is supportive and nourishing:

  • It opens you up to abundance
  • It helps you create healthy, nurturing relationships
  • You have a circle of friends you can trust and rely on
  • You feel more safe and secure in the world and your life
  • You notice you feel more content, yet still motivated to do what matters to you
  • You trust the universe more
  • You have more peace of mind because there’s less to worry you and fewer demands on you
  • You let yourself off the hook for having to rescue or save those around you
  • If this sounds good to you, you are lovingly invited to join us for


  • Discover the different circles in your life – inner, middle, outer – and how those circles affect your life
  • Identify who is in your Inner Circle – and who should not be in your Inner Circle (and how to remove them with ease)
  • Find out how to discern the mentality of the people in your circles – do they have the mindset of a child, an adult – or a sage?
  • How to help people with the child mindset to grow up
  • Digging to clear trauma over the betrayals you’ve experienced in your life
  • Digging to help you move forward
  • How to identify where co-workers, friends, colleagues are in terms of mindset and development and help them move forward if that feels right to you
  • Discover the different types of friends you have
  • Identify your friends and whether you can trust them
  • Experience a powerful new exercise to bring new people into your inner circle
  • Experience an empowering new exercise to help you move forward from Adult stage to Sage stage