Learn how to create more in life, be the master of your reality and

Live Your Dream Soul-Aligned Life

in just 8 days by changing your beliefs with ThetaHealing®

Here is how I see it:

You can either continue to diminish & dishonor your power while remaining in your comfort zone or take charge of your life and create limitless possibilities in each area of your life.

Remember, you are on a mission, that you are not yet fully living.  At some point, you forgot how to fly, but you totally can remember it!

Let’s face it: none of us are ever fully living our potential. So we will never tire of people calling us forward.

Here is what I know about you:

You are here to deeply get to know yourself and awaken the vast intuitive wisdom and guidance within you.

You are here to address that never-ending struggle of proving your worth, searching for love but attracting the wrong partners.

You are here to move past the old understanding of power, power as diminishing, amplifying fear, doubt and lack of finances, love, and joy which permeates your life and business.

You are here to let go of a  job, relationships, and lifestyle misaligned with your soul that frankly feels worse than being in the prison.

You are here to follow your soul’s calling and usher a new reality for yourself and ultimately humanity, because the global changes in humanity’s story start with changing your inner story.

I know that I can’t make any decisions for you. In fact, you are the one who can give yourself permission to choose what you want. And ultimately if this is what you want, then here is what’s available to you:


In-person: Sao Miguel, the Basic DNA course 22-24th December

10 am – 6 pm



Anyone who is looking for a powerful source of healing energy, that is applicable in ANY aspect of your life and provides support along your healing journey.


It is for those who want to heal themselves and sustain their well-being.


It is for those who want to practice meditation on a new quantum level in order to create new healthy life patterns.


People who are looking for fulfilling relationships.


Anyone who wants to learn how to achieve their goals and desires.


Those who would like to increase their income.


Businessmen can use it to achieve a higher level of productivity and awaken their intuition to make better decisions.


It is for the psychologists and coaches who want to add this powerful and effective tool to their skill set or would like to launch their own practice to work with both online and offline clients.


All those who are still looking for their purpose in life, feel stagnated or lack a clear plan for the future.

Theta Healing® is a certified meditational process that allows you to create the desired reality as well as physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused thought through the Source Energy.

ThetaHealing technique is a true breakthrough in the field of self-discovery because:

It incorporates scientific research in neurobiology, quantum physics, psychology and ancient spiritual practices.

It allows any person to become a clairvoyant and improve intuition. You will discover your super powers on the very first day of the course.

It allows absolutely anyone to connect  to their subconscious and interact with it in just a matter of minutes, which has previously been possible only through years of meditation and practices.

It can momentarily free you of the limiting beliefs and inner blocks that stop you from achieving happiness and success. There is no need to spend years in psychotherapy anymore.



You will unlock your intuition, learn how to hear your inner voice and listen to your true desires, allow your intuition to guide you so that you take better decisions in life.

Alignment with your Highest Expression

You will unlock your talents and gifts while learning to live in partnership with your soul and heart, being fully expressed with ease and grace.

Stepping into your power

Consciously managing your subconscious you will learn to be in charge of your feelings, emotions and experiences all the while becoming a master of your life.

Confidence and self-esteem

Reclaiming your confidence, self-worth and understanding that you deserve more, you will create anything you can dream of.


You will learn how to clear your limiting beliefs, blocks, fears and heal yourself without any assistance.

Fast transformation

You will be able to live your life without suffering and struggles, when you master the fast transformation technique that can be applied to any challenges (trauma, phobias, grudges, fears, diseases and disorders) and take your life to a new level.


You will be able to work with people and help them solve their challenges.

THETA HEALING® Basic course

This 3 day course will transform and empower you life!

This course is a prerequisite for nearly all other Theta Healing® courses.
The essence of this course is the practice of techniques that allow you to transform life patterns dictated by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self imposed or forced upon you by someone else. You will learn how to identify your limiting beliefs intuitively and through muscle testing, then how to instantly and easy change them to positive and empowering ones.

As part of the practice you will be guided in deep theta meditation to access your subconscious mind for readings and healings, while remaining in full awareness and concentration. You will also learn how to receive an intuitive guidance, do future readings, connect with guardian angels, activate your DNA to maximise your potential and manifest using the Source Energy.


This seminar is 75% practical experience, where you will train your skills with my mentorship immediately after you theoretically learn every single practice.

All the material is clearly structured and understandable for you to grasp it with ease and remember for a lifetime.

You will see your mistakes and can correct them right on spot.


In this 3x day seminar, you will learn and discover:

  • Vianna Stibal story.
  • How to consciously manage five brainwave frequencies: alfa, beta, delta, gamma, and theta, and easily maintain theta brainwave while connecting to the Energy of All that Is.
  • How to awaken your intuition to make better decisions.
  • How to perform an intuitive reading of a person’s body, including your own, and identify blocks, emotional blockages, and physical disorders.
  • How to use muscle testing to identify limiting beliefs and feelings through kinesiology.
  • Accept and give healings through Divine Source Energy and transform any situation into positive using the Energy of Unconditional Love.
  • Change your reality, transforming your subconscious beliefs and emotions on all the levels: Core Level, Genetic, History, and Soul levels into positive and empowering ones, that lead you to your goals.
  • Dig to the bottom belief, the source of the issue, and resolve it instantly.
  • How to use this method for your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • How to let go of old fears, resentments, and grudges.
  • How to manifest your dream life and how to identify blocks that prevent you from getting there.
  • How to co-create healings together with Creator of All that Is/Divine Source Energy and the Power of your Subconscious Mind.
  • How to attract your soulmate or re-ignite your current relationships.
  • How to release wayward spirits.
  • How to release negative psychic attacks (any negative thought forms), curses, psychic hooks, and cords.


In this 3 day course, you will discover more advanced and faster techniques to incorporate in your healings.

You will dive even deeper into Theta brain wave frequency, let go of resentments, rejections, and regrets about your life. This course will bring you more clarity and energy so that you can move to a whole new level of emotional, mental, and physical well-being and spiritual awakening.

You will be able to release multiple blocks to connecting to the Energy of All That Is, which might be preventing you from being healed or being able to do the healings for others.

You will achieve a profound understanding of The Seven Planes of Existence, that surround us.

You will learn new healing techniques such as “Healing the baby in the womb” and “Healing the Broken Soul”.

You will receive hundreds of downloads of feelings that will bring you profound healing and transformation and potentially save you years, decades, and maybe even lifetimes to learn them.



  • How to connect with the 7th plane of existence and ground yourself.
  • Advanced creation of feelings (Feeling Work)
  • Advanced digging for beliefs and fears
  • Mastering an intuitive reading
  • Hundreds of empowering and life-enriching downloads
  • How to live without destructive feelings
  • Releasing and resolving rejections, resentments, and regrets
  • An in-depth explanation of the 7 Planes of existence and healing with the Planes
  • Releasing negative vow’s, oath’s and commitments within the 7 planes of existence
  • Connecting with Plants and Crystals through the 7th Plane
  • Releasing Free-floating Memories (Memories held in the subconscious mind that were received whilst in a state of shock, unconsciousness, or under anesthesia)
  • Healing the baby in the womb to heal the trauma received in the womb
  • Healing the Broken Heart – Theta Healing combined with Sound Healing
  • Healing the Broken Soul & returning Soul fragments
  • Mediumship – Ancestral Readings
  • How to Clear and perform belief work on Non-Organic Material – Homes, Furniture, Businesses, Land
  • Communicating with your Higher Self for guidance
  • Bending time to do more in less time
  • Remembering your future, and how to change it
  • Divine timing

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper course

This seminar is designed to polish your intuitive abilities and digging skills. In this 2 day course, you will discover 8 ways to dig for the bottom belief with ease.

You will learn to ask the right questions and clearly hear the answers from Divine Source Energy to get to the origin of the issue.

This seminar will empower you to help your clients understand their own behaviors and lives, then through helping them make healing changes you’ll be able to emerge balanced and clear at the completion of their sessions.



  • 8  ways of digging to get to the bottom belief or feeling ( fears, resentments, rejections, manifestations, diseases, genetic and history levels, making the impossible possible).
  • You will be able to clear your fears of digging for yourself or your client.
  • How to keep a loving and safe space for your client while being detached from the drama and pain.
  • Clear any blocks that prevent you from fully unlocking your true potential as a practitioner or a healer.
  • Become the witness of an instant healing, without the necessity to complicate things.
  • Understand when the client is ready to heal.
  • How to be detached from the outcome and “push the healing through” with your own energy as Divine Source energy does the healing and you are the witness.
  • You will be able to take your intuition to a whole new level.

Student’s success stories…

YANINA ZHUKOVA, СEO of Shakti Power Centre

“Rapid upgrade of my life within three months vs 4,5 years of suffering! I got my life under control. I manifested the apartment of my dreams, a job, sales, support, and a number of other aspects. I healed my relationships with my family. I awakened my intuition and confidence, restored my health, and I live my own way, creating my future.”

Before learning ThetaHealing ®, I was in despair, I visited monasteries, did some self-development work, and tried to expand my environment through communication with different people, but nothing worked!

There was a persistent feeling of “something is intrinsically wrong with me. I hit rock bottom: I lost my job, partner, and income. My life was stagnant in all of its areas: mentally and emotionally. There was a lack of growth in my business and uncertainty about what I wanted to do next. As a result, I dealt with health problems: gut issues. I literally could not digest my life.

The Rest of the Story

As I started taking Theta courses life began to swirl into a whirlpool. At first, I was scared of a new unfolding feeling of freedom. I learned one important fact: “what you are afraid of happens to you in any context.” At some point, I lost my work and my partner – but they both did not serve me anymore. Having faced that with courage I was able to manifest support and everything turned out just fine.

Several months after taking the courses I manifested the apartment of my dreams, a job, sales, and a number of other aspects. I manifested help from others. People just turn up and start helping me. I started deriving pleasure from my multilayered sense of freedom and currently, I feel that I’m ready for a healthy relationship, I feel pretty confident. The course provided me with connections, a new circle of like-minded people and Now life keeps sending me people, situations. The relationship with my mother was healed. I was able to find my roots by getting to know my father’s side of the family after 26 years and tons of other practices. And I restored my health. I successfully consult people while synthesizing my knowledge and talents in a unique way.

IRINA TODOROVA, Sales Manager and Healer

“I created harmonious relationships, new opportunities, and moved cities. Much to the doctor’s surprise, my health improved. It’s a completely different quality of life. These courses have exceeded all my expectations. Here is a quantum leap! My wings are not crumpled anymore; now I can do anything!”

I have been living in the abuse pattern: first with my father, the same scenario I repeated with all my men, and with all my managers at work, whether men or women. I lived with my mother; moreover, life in the province restricted my freedom of choice and opportunities.

This situation was psychologically exhausting, and my nervous system malfunctioned. I constantly felt vulnerable and did not have enough energy for my desires. From a medical point of view, I had frequent headaches and problems with the thyroid gland.

I got tired of going around in circles and getting bumps for years and decades. I knew I was born for joy and happiness.

The Rest of the Story

I must confess that after training, I had everything: challenges, self-sabotage, and provocations, for example, from my boss and my father. I stopped being silent and marked the boundaries without letting them in. I’ve decided to quit my job, choosing the best for myself, and pass my lesson. I stopped expecting things that people do not possess.

I came to tranquillity, stopped pushing through, and living like a hamster in a wheel. More feminine, wiser energies have emerged.

Now I understand that I can do anything. My wings are not clipped anymore. I moved to a big city where I got great opportunities in my activities and development. I created a harmonious relationship. My life got better and entered a completely different quality! Finances are also improving.

We can become the masters of our own lives. Now I’ve got clients, and I combine healing work with the main job. Much to the doctor’s surprise, the situation with the thyroid gland has improved: the node has decreased in size and no longer poses a threat.

I feared the course and lots of resistance, but I am happy that I have done it! I see the result. I’ve realised that you must go into your fears, taking responsibility for your life. It ends well!  Using the traditional, outdated psychology tools is a losing option that brings temporary relief. And here I see a breakthrough, a quantum leap.

Our life is the most outstanding value. We don’t live for 300 years to procrastinate. Time passes by, and the years pass by. Let’s present ourselves with a gift and the opportunity to change the quality of our life right now. Here is my advice: go ahead and don’t be afraid!

Someone will say it’s expensive. But for myself, I understand that I have already thrown away a lot of money, and compared to this, Theta Healing is affordable. Years of psychotherapy will be far more expensive.


“I reconnected to my inner light and truth. By cultivating this connection with my true self, I also acquire inner peace, which gives me much more confidence and self-approval. And wow, now I can help others! It really works!”

I’ve been into self-development for quite a long time but still had this inner feeling that something more is meant for me. Besides, I wanted to heal myself and use this knowledge in my work with clients. That’s how I signed up for the first Theta Healing course.

During the courses with Marina, I learned the technique and let my negative beliefs be transformed by practising with other students. Marina knows how to create a safe and sacred atmosphere so I could easily open up and let my self-doubt go away. I reconsidered my self-worth and desire to be loved and get more from this world, and I overcame my hesitation in working as an intuitive therapist.

Now I feel this deep and confident connection with my inner truth. It is so clear that I know I’m on my way. I don’t know exactly what my future (business) will look like, but I got this deep trust and understanding that it will all come at the right time.

The Rest of the Story

I learned to manifest effortlessly. Sometimes I was just thinking about something I need or want, and one day later, somebody comes and gives me what I mentally asked for.

By cultivating this connection with my true self, I also acquire inner peace, which gives me much more confidence and self-approval.

Marina is so intuitive! She guides and teaches in such a clear and compassionate way! She encourages you to trust intuition, your abilities, and your insights.

The courses by Marina were far more than just learning Theta Healing technique. I reconnected to my inner light and truth. I would definitely take some more classes with her and can undoubtedly recommend them to anybody who wants to step out of their comfort zone in a gentle and supported way.

Marina ignited life within me!

At work everyone is telling me, I am radiant and magnetic! I became more confident. I stopped freezing up in the presence of superiors, straightened out, because less judgemental.

I forgave myself and my dear ones and not only that, but I have more energy. More importantly, my relationships with my daughter and my mom got much better. After working on my relationships with my daughter her infertility diagnosis was called off. I am very grateful to Marina for the new me!


One of the most important experiences in my life…

I have never met someone who would do the work they are meant to do as Marina does it! She manages to create such a comfortable and deep atmosphere in her courses, she simply transforms you, removing all the layers of negative beliefs, old stories and traumas without you even noticing it as it happens in such a conformable and gentle way! Moreover, I have found a wonderful tool for working with people. It’s been 3 months since our courses and I have already received great testimonials from my clients. Thank you so much, Marina!

KRISTINA DZHITOEVAHead of Administration Department

Wow, so all this was possible? All this is so simple and that cool?

I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge I received and its incredible depth! For the patience and beautiful inspiring feminine energy! There is so much care and love in it. Marina creates an amazing atmosphere for the best learning experience. I’m so proud to have Marina as my teacher and guide. I heartily recommend everyone to take courses, because I don’t know any other practice that allows to work on such a deep level as Theta Healing. I am a person who does a lot of spiritual and self-development work and this is absolutely different and new to me. I took Basic DNA and Advanced DNA course, both of them are super profound and deep courses.”

ALENA SKRIPNIKHealer and Coach

I don’t even know how I survived without this knowledge up until now! I’m eternally thankful to the girls, to wonderful Marina, the universe and the Creator. Three days into it I am feeling renewed. Such a huge transformation!


Wow, this course has split my life into “BEFORE” and “AFTER”!
So grateful for this experience. It is so efficient. ThetaHealing is a gentle therapy for the soul and subconscious mind.


Now I am connected to my soul purpose and I am working on launching my soul-aligned business!

Marina's courses and Theta Healing sessions helped me a lot during this difficult period! Every time our sessions were so powerful!

I had more energy released; personal situations resolved on their own.

You do not need to visit psychologists for years; in one or two sessions you can solve seemingly intractable problems!

I decided to learn this technique from Marina, she is a great teacher and mentor, a true Artist!!!

Gently, with love, she teaches Theta Healing, this is an amazing practice that instantly works wonders!

I am sincerely grateful to Marina for her gift, talent, kindness, love, and for the fact that we met on this planet at this time!!! Thank you, a million times over!

ANNA ALEXEEVACreative Entrepreneur

I came or rather crawled to her class when realised that other techniques could not help me. In six months, I have healed my childhood traumas, I don’t know any other technique where you can so easily recall repressed, forgotten childhood memories.

I began to manifest myself in the outside world more freely and courageous. Worked out my relations with a close friend.

I found my power healing my shadow manifestations. I took responsibility for my life and got rid of the victim mentality. I feel light and happy every day, and even facing difficulties, I am sure that I will cope with them easily and with love.

I feel connected to the Creator and my real self, I have come to a deeper understanding of myself, when I get answers not out of my mind, but from my true desires and my purpose.

I trust myself and I trust the world, therefore I became more relaxed. Theta Healing is a daily first aid at arm's length, where I can immerse in the source of unconditional love. In fact, it is easy and accessible to everyone.

Now I understand that everything in life can happen gently and through love and that changes are possible not only after years of psychotherapy. If you're ready for a change, it can happen instantly.

Meeting Marina is a real gift, she has immediately gained my trust. Marina is such an acceptance and love, she gives tranquillity and confidence to learn and practice. She readily helps and answers any questions.

About Marina
  • She is a ThetaHealing® instructor and practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Mentor and International Best-Selling Author.
  • Expert in activating inner power to create impact each of us was born to
  • Her clients and students, Marina, as the key to resolving my challenges and, ultimately, their transformation; brilliant and compassionate.
  • In THETA HEALING ®  courses with Marina, even beginners who had never practised a single meditation in their life could see and heal from the very first day.
  • Her clients receive epic results from the very first session (spontaneous healings, including the babies in the womb, self-confidence, clients receive life-changing opportunities, unlock their highest vision for life, and begin their soul-aligned work)
  • Conducted over 1,500 consultations
  • In the past, she was a high-achieving, successful woman working for one of the top 4 international accountancy firms, consulting with the CEOs and CFOs of the world’s biggest corporations and managing project teams for companies with 3-billion-euro turnovers.
  • She creates the content used in continuous professional development in the UK. Specifically, it is used to maintain the standard of professionals’ interpersonal skills in the financial services sector.
  • Using the ThetaHealing® technique, she moved from abuse, being totally shut down, to fully expressed, living her life with purpose, clarity, and impact.


€ 1300

*€100 less than purchasing separately

  • Basic, Advanced, and Dig Deeper Courses
  • Delivered Online via Zoom
  • Digital Course Manual
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group. WORTH €350
  • BONUS: Activate your Intuition Checklist. WORTH €47

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